Sunday, October 14, 2012

This Is What It Is

Getting started.

It's always a pain in the ass. You face the blistering sting of potential failure, the lingering sense that things aren't okay, and the fleeting notion that you might get something done. Eventually.

Well here we are, toes dangling over the edge and staring down into the abyss of What Could Be.

And what exactly could be, you ask?

My hope is that this site eventually turns into a hub for like-minded artists and musicians, a playground for indie creators.

For now, it's the central location for my virtual band - The Pale Hypnotic. But here's the secret: that's not just a band name. It's also a philosophy.

The Pale Hypnotic is that swirling creative energy that churns inside every creator. It's the spark that a reader feels when she loses herself in a book; it's the awe that a child feels when he stares at the night sky and thinks, "What could be up there?"

The Pale Hypnotic is imagination. It is creativity. It is the nature of making, the indescribable feeling you get when handed a ball of clay. It is potential. It is a means. It is.

Welcome to the yawning void of What Could Be. Won't you join me as we start exploring the shadows?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

As My Guitar Gently Sleeps

It's late. Neither one of us should be up at this hour.

Go back to sleep and we can talk about this new blog later when we've had a few cups of coffee and maybe filled our bellies with some light breakfast. I like cold oatmeal with some berries. What? Where's the meat?

Seriously, go back to sleep.

Tomorrow we can discuss why this blog just appeared out of nowhere. Maybe we can talk about the elephant in the room and figure out exactly what this Pale Hypnotic thing is, anyway. I mean, is it a philosophy? Is it a band? A piece of clothing?

And maybe after dinner, we can address this issue of the Wonderbot.

Until then, let's just keep calm and pretend we know what we're doing. Until we get a chance to talk this thing through, it's probably best we not share it with many other people.